is a powerful hospitality solution for uplifting revenue and guest satisfaction

For Guests

handy is the ideal mobile companion for the modern traveller

  • ⋅ Unlimited local & international calls
  • ⋅ Unlimited data
  • ⋅ Virtual tour guide
  • ⋅ Exclusive brand promotions
  • ⋅ Speed dial to hotel services
For Hotels

handy comes with game-changing features to help hotels boost revenue and gain untapped guest insights

  • ⋅ Branded for your hotel
  • ⋅ Push messaging feature to drive revenue
  • ⋅ Guest analytics package
  • ⋅ Integrated Tripadvisor guest feedback system

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Intercontinental Hotel
When you go onto review sites and read some of guests’ comments there, the coup de grace if you will is “free international calling”. It comes up time and time again, showing just how impactful handy’s been to travelers of all stripes.
Mr. Ian Brewis

General Manager, Lanson Place

Intercontinental Hotel
Sitting as we do as a gateway to Asia, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore serves a diverse array of guests. To enable our guests to have a seamless experience in Singapore, handy’s offers a comprehensive resource. It allows us to understand our guests’ habits and preferences simply and easily.
Cavaliere Giovanni Viterale

General Manager

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Intercontinental Hotel
We were looking for a way to better help our guests unlock the full potential of their stay in London. With handy, we now have a means of delivering end-to-end access to all these activities. This has really helped add value to the breadth of our offering beyond the usual suite of services and accommodation.
General Manager

The Sheraton Park Lane, London

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